Vaibhav Tulsyan with his family

Memories flooded me as I booked my tickets for Kashmir. So many years have passed since I visited Kashmir in May 1980, when I was an innocent 6-year-old boy, gaily skipping my way, following my parents as they took me and my siblings to the land of unparalleled beauty.

Vaibhav Tulsyan in the lap of his mother in Pahalgam when his parents visited Kashmir in 1980

As I grew up, I saw that Kashmir was the ultimate destination of film producers and honeymooners.

Growing up in distant Jharkhand, the discussions about Kashmir no longer centred on its sparkling valleys but around horrifying tales of terror and suddenly tourists started shying away from Kashmir.

Vaibhav Tulsyan pos with his wife in Mughal Gardens in Srinagar

Today, I am so happy that tourists can again safely go to Kashmir. My heart sings out with joy that I can show my children the same land that I had watched wide-eyed when I was young. The Chinar trees, the Dal Lake, the snow clad mountains, the pristine valleys beckon me. I thank God that I will be able to share this legacy of nature’s tranquillity with my children.

Vaibhav Tulsyan and his brother along with their families in Srinagar’s Mughal Garden

As I leave, there is a prayer in my heart that peace is restored here permanently and people all over the world are able to immerse themselves in the legendary beauty of this Jannat-Kashmir.

Vaibhav Tulsyan

Dhanbad, Jharkhand


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