If you are craving to enjoy solo travels to beautiful destinations but are worried about your safety, then pack up your backpack and head towards Kashmir. You will be surprised not only to see its breathtaking beauty but at how safe it is for tourists especially for women travellers.

I found Gulmarg as the most stunning place on the earth specially to experience the snowfall. After coming back , I realized that this trip will always make me feel nostalgic❄☃ This trip will forever be cherished

The friends or your family members may advise against travelling out alone into a scary world. But don’t hold yourself back, Kashmir is the place for you to unleash your travelling desires.

The prime time debates on TV channels will also scare the hell out of you on harboring the thought of visiting Kashmir.

Meet Isha Tantia, a digital marketing professional from Delhi, who found Kashmir completely opposite to what is being portrayed on TV channels. She leaves no opportunity to post memorable pictures taken of her recent visit Kashmir on her Instagram account.

In a candid interview, Isha talks about her experiences during her holiday in Valley which she describes a Jannat-e-Kashmir.

I arrived at Srinagar on 1 March 2018 and stayed in Gulmarg for 3 days.

It was my second trip to Kashmir. I visited Kashmir this time

especially to experience snowfall and do skiing in Gulmarg. It was a 3-day short and sweet trip but the most cherished one. To my luck, it snowed for all three days and I was stunned with Kashmir’s beauty – it deserves to be called ‘Jannat-e-Kashmir’.

We have a very different perception about Kashmir looking at how it is shown in the media. It is portrayed as a very unsafe place to visit but my personal experience was quite the opposite. I look forward to visiting Kashmir every winter now.

Dal Lake is a must visit place when you have a joy ride in Shikara which we won’t get anywhere to experience.

My experience with locals has been one of its kinds. People are so warm and welcoming. They simply go out of the way to help tourists and make them feel safer in their land.

Kashmir is a must visit destination for its picturesque views, warm people. The local beverage like Kehwa is unique while the food you taste is mouthwatering.