Ankita Tiwana a golfer from Delhi had a marvelous time playing golf at Royal Spring Golf Course in Kashmir. In a candid interview with Discover Kashmir, she talks about her experience of enjoy golf here

  1. Are you playing first time in Valley?
  2. No, this is my second tournament. I was here last year also.
  3. How was your experience playing here?
  4. Well I have played in all the golf courses in India but this is the best golf course I have ever played in. The golf course is very well maintained and I have really enjoyed playing here.
  5. Was it tough to compete with the top 15 women golfers in India?
  6. Yes, the competition was very tough, playing against the top women golfers is not easy but I really had a good time.
  7. How did you find the Kashmir?
  8. It is mesmerizing! I am always keen to come here. My grandfather is from Kashmir and my Mama still owes a house here so I am related to this place.
  9. So you are a more or less a Kashmiri?
  10. Laughs! Yes a Punjabi Kashmiri.
  11. Do you think that more such tournaments should be organized in Kashmir to attract golfers to this place?
  12. Absolutely, such more tournaments should be conducted in Kashmir so that every golf lover all over the world can come and experience playing here.